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The Gary DeMar Podcast

Sep 27, 2021

Gary concludes his discussion with Pastor Richard Henry about popular "end-time" interpretations. The book of Revelation tells us that it is a book of "signs." Too often, popular writers try to make these signs "literal" in the sense of reality and not in the sense of the literature. Reading Revelation "literally"...

Sep 24, 2021

In this second part of his interview with Pastor Richard Henry, Gary continues discussing modern technology and Bible prophecy. Barcodes, microchips, cell phones, and even Monster Energy drink have all been connected to the book of Revelation and the "end times." But the events the Bible speaks of make much more...

Sep 22, 2021

In this three-part interview with Pastor Richard Henry, Gary discusses the current scare over the vaccine, tyranny, buying and selling, the rapture, and the "mark of the beast." In this first part, Gary addresses biblical hermeneutics and the current phenomenon of "internet exegesis," which seeks to apply modern events...

Sep 20, 2021

Gary responds to an email that he received from a critic. The email is similar to the sign someone posted on our dumpster (see previous episode). Dividing lines are becoming clear and Christians are going to be forced to make a decision. This is a worldview battle with very real consequences. 

Sep 17, 2021

Someone posted a sign on the American Vision dumpster declaring that Gary created a "hate group." The sign was complete with QR codes for anyone wanting further reading during their trip to the trash bin. Gary discusses this claim and the continuing misinformation about AV (and other Christians) coming from the left.