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The Gary DeMar Podcast

Nov 13, 2023

Gary discusses the recent vote in Ohio and the typical diversionary tactics that went on with the wording of the referendum. Rather than clearly stating the intent of the proposed amendment (i.e., keeping abortion legal in the state), the ballot included many other "reproductive" buzzwords on it that muddied the issue.

Nov 8, 2023

Gary interacts with an interview between CBN's Sheila Walsh and Pastor David Jeremiah. In this first part, Gary deals with Ms. Walsh's lead-up to the interview, which is based on Pastor Jeremiah's new book, The Great Disappearance, which is based on... wait for it... the rapture of the church.

Oct 30, 2023

Gary discusses a recent interview that he did about America's Christian history and education. Our children are being harmed by what they are not being taught, as well as by what they are. Parents must first educate themselves and then pass this on to their children and grandchildren in many different ways and times. 

Oct 16, 2023

Gary answers the perennial charge of "replacement theology," a phrase that is designed to end debate by those who teach that the church and Israel are distinct and separate. Israel was the original "church in the wilderness" and the modern Christian church—made of believers from ALL the nations—is what the Bible...

Oct 2, 2023

Gary highlights a few recent news articles that are actually encouraging. Most major news stories are negative and stories that do not support the mainstream narrative are usually buried. Never fear though, Gary has done the searching and the researching so you can be encouraged too.